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The SBMU Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Center (SPIPRC) which is the first of its kind in Iran was officially established in September, 1998. SPIPRC performs its mission through research, education, intervention, evaluation, and finally publishing the results of what it has done. Injuries are among the major causes of mortality and morbidity burden in the country which are in need of serious attention and care, especially in the research area; and the SBMU, as a leading university in research is grateful to play its leading role in the country and the region.

The Supervision of the SBMU SPIPRC:

The main supervision is to prevent and control Injuries and promote safety in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. 

The Goals:

  • Promoting the present knowledge in injuries;
  • Expanding applied research, and preparing suitable research opportunities in order to perform high quality and integrated researches;
  • Orienting the related researches, and offering data bank about the researches performed in injuries in order to achieve the latest innovations in reducing risk factors at regional and international level;
  • Encouraging, and hiring researchers in preventing accidents and safety promotion;
  • Playing the Thinking role to the policy-makers, decision-makers, and the country’s executives in preventing injuries;
  • Supporting, and directing the present potentials in order to solve the present and future problems in injuries ;
  • Recognizing vulnerable groups, groups with high mortality and morbidity in injuries;
  • Determining the injury determinants in vulnerable groups, and ways of preventing them;
  • Being converted to the WHO collaborating body

The SBMU SPIPRC Potentials:

A-The Collaborating body of the WHO in:

  • EMRO (Eastern Mediterranean Region Organization)
  • The Road Traffic Injury Network (www.
  • Membership in “Safe Community Organization”

 B- International Activities:

  • Injury prevention at regional level;
  • Safety promotion at regional level;
  • Publishing articles;
  • Participating in conferences and seminars

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